About Me & Common Questions

About Me

Hi my name is Gary Tatton. I am passionate about helping people optimise their body, health, lifestyle, movement and nutrition so they can effectively achieve their dreams!

I am a qualified health coach, personal trainer, and strength & conditioning coach. I also work with people who are suffering from low back pain, rehabilitating from injury, have posture issues, are looking to better manage stress in their life, and much more.

I believe that with a correctly designed exercise and movement programme, real food tailored to your nutritional needs, good lifestyle habits and a positive growth mindset you’ll reach your goals and learn a lot along the journey.

I offer both in person and online coaching to fit your requirements. All programmes are created for you, once all necessary assessments/questionnaires are complete, to ensure your programme is built to meet your personal needs and goals.

Common Questions

Question: Are the programmes designed for my individual needs and goals?

Answer: All programmes are designed based on your personal goals and the outcomes of your initial questionnaires and assessments. I design your programmes to specifically target your needs and help you reach your goals.

Question: Are meal plans/nutrition recommendations included in the packages?

Answer: Yes, all packages come with aspects of health & lifestyle coaching included. This is to ensure you achieve maximum results from your programmes. Nutrition, as well as lifestyle, will play a big part in achieving your goals!

Question: Can I do the exercise programmes at home if I don’t have a gym membership?

Answer: A gym membership is not necessarily needed for the exercise programmes. As all programmes are designed for your goals and needs it is possible for you to do the sessions at home, especially if you have access to certain equipment.

Question: Is online coaching available?

Answer: Yes online coaching is available. All package options will be explained in detail in your free 30 minute consultation so we can get you started on the one which works best for you.

Question: Are programmes updated regularly?

Answer: Programmes are regularly updated to ensure you continue to make progress. Reassessments are also done at this time, depending on the package you have, to see if there are any specific areas which need to be focused on in your next programme.

Question: This is what I’ve been looking for. What’s the next step?

Answer: That’s great news! Please select the ‘click here to book now’ button below. We can then arrange a time for your free 30 minute consultation where we discuss your goals, the options available, and much more!

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